• Camie Balboa

How to Watercolor Your Extensions

Coloring hair extensions, with this water coloring technique, is so much easier than any other method you ever tried.

Below is the list of ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 Bottle of hair color (2 for more intense color)

  • 613 Extensions

  • Plastic spoon or whisk

  • Large glass or plastic bowl

  • Warm tap water

  • Gloves

1st Step: prep your hair!

Remove all labels, rubber bands, and plastic ties from your extensions.

Next, you can prepare your color bath!

Turn your sink on and let the hot water run for a bit. The idea is to have hot water but not scolding, boiled on the stove, hot water for your color.

While your water is heating, take your bottle of color and poured it into your plastic or glass bowl. I like to get every bit of my color out of the bottle, so I also add water to the bottle shake it, and pour contents into the bowl. At this point, your water should be hot enough so now you can feel your bowl, about 3/4 of the way, with hot tap water. Use your plastic spoons or whisk, which I prefer, to blend the color and water. It's essential that you make sure to break up all of the chunks of color so that there aren't any uneven patches on your extensions.

Finally, Take your extensions and lay them directly into your color bath

Lay them all in and don't pull them out until the water in the bath is clear. If the water is clear, that means that the hair is absorbed all of the colors.

If you're going for more of a pastel color or a tint, use just one bottle of color. You may notice that in some YouTube videos people dunk their bundles in their color bath but don't allow them to sit. Dunking is going to lead to uneven color, and your bundles may not all turn out the same shade. So for the sake of all your extensions coming out in a uniform color allow them to sit in the water until they reach your intended color.

Follow all this up with your favorite conditioner and allow your extensions to air dry her usual.

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