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My Fitness Journey: THE TRUTH

Hey Lovelies!

Today I'm going to share with you the struggles I've faced during my fitness journey and tips to overcome them.

I started REALLY working out in 2015. I started off going once a day to the gym, then eventually made it twice a day 5 days a week. I got pregnant in 2016 and kept going to the gym twice a day while pregant. I stopped working out about 2 weeks before my due date to avoid overdoing it.

After my beautiful baby boy was born, I completely stopped going to the gym. I tried doing at home workouts, but would be too distracted to focus. Trying to balance having my first child-which I was completely clueless of what to do- and working out was a struggle.

But what I did continue doing, was eating healthy. At that time I was vegan. Living in California, it was easy to be vegan. Every restaurant I enjoyed going to had vegan options. I was able to maintain a good diet and was able to stay in decent shape.

Fast forward a few pregancies later, when I moved back to Florida, my decent shape stretched out and plumped up a bit. I gave up being vegan b/c of the lack of options I could find. I started eating junk food OFTEN.

So to make up for not eating a healthy diet, I started going to the gym every now and again. But would walk about 3 miles 5 days a week. I figured I could eat junk food, but work it off by exercising.

Then once COVID came, I completely stopped going to the gym and walking 3 miles a day. Unfortunately, a year later and COVID is still here. So instead of using this as another excuse as to why I can't work out, I decided to make a change.

The one thing I noticed over the years, I lacked motivation. I would feel it in my soul, that I wanted to make a change but I needed an extra push. I searched online for months until I came across LadyBoss.

At first it seemed overwhelming with all of the options they have. But I found that starting with changing my diet first, before diving into the workouts, was the best way for me to start.


TIP 1: Meal Replacement Shakes

I definitely recommend finding a meal replacement shake that tastes good enough to make you really want to replace a meal with it.

Start off with 1 shake a day and work your way to twice a day. I found it easy to replace my breakfast and lunch with the proper shake and have a healthy dinner.

LadyBoss has a Vanilla Cake Shake that is absolutely delicious. Once you order your first bag, you will receive a ton of exercise trainings and healthy recipes with it. You will also get first dibbs on the new flavor drops!

These are just a few of their past flavor drops.

SPOLIER ALERT!!: There will be a NEW FLAVOR DROP THIS WEEK!! These limited flavors sell out FAST!

So sign up now to be the first to know when it drops!!


TIP 2: Find a work out buddy!

Having someone to work out with will increase your motivation and lessen your chance of giving up. Once you join LadyBoss, you will have access to tons of fitness resources for free. But to really get your motivation started, I recommend dropping a few coins to join the LIVE 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

LadyBoss' certified expert coaches will broadcast live every morning guiding you through as you follow along in your Challenge Playbook. Live meal prep, live workouts, and live coaching.

Once you've completed the 28 Day Challenge, your body and mind will be ready for more. If you are struggling to start your fitness and/or weight loss journey, please know you're not alone. LadyBoss has created a system that works and is perfect for beginners while also offering programs for those further along in their journey looking for more advance challenges. I'll get into the more advance programs in a later post. But until then, click here to join LadyBoss and make the change you've been waiting for!



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